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This page is intended to list all the worlds currently described in the Wongery. The definition of "world" is somewhat fuzzy, however, and not everything here may be universally considered a distinct world. (Conversely, there may be some other places described in the Wongery that some would consider worlds that are not listed here.) Worlds here are listed hierarchically, in that worlds are listed below worlds that contain them, if applicable. For instance, Dadauar is a worlddisk within the plane of Charos, which is in the cosmos of Ses. Most of the innermost worlds listed here are planets or analogous mounds; smaller areas are not typically considered to be discrete worlds for the purposes of this list, with the exception of some eders or parts of asperse worlds. This list will grow over time as more worlds are described in the Wongery.

Note that not all of these worlds are at the same level of development. Some of the newest worlds just added to the Wongery may have only one or two articles about them, while others may have dozens (and, eventually, hundreds or (some time in the future, we hope, maybe?) thousands).

If you're looking for a specific kind of world, you might be better served by browsing through the appropriate categories, starting with the top-level Worlds category.

Magical worlds

Science fiction or space opera settings

Alternate Earths

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