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Vlastach (pronounced /ˈvlɑːstɑːk/) is a veigur in the plane of Lothenmydhe, unusual in that while most vegari are presided over by a being called a djel, in Vlastach the djel and the veigur are one and the same, the djel Esbidi having merged with the veigur about twelve thousand years ago. In its new embodiment as the literal personification of the land, Vlastach takes a much more direct hand in day-to-day affairs than most djili.


Physical Features

Main article: Geography of Vlastach

Vlastach is a roughly trapezoidal world adjacent to five other vegari, its borders varying by the neighboring world. Though mostly covered by land, Vlastach does contain four large bodies of water—though one of those, the Gloaming Sea, does not lie entirely within Vlastach, but is mostly in the veigur to the southwest. In the veigur's center is the Mirror Sea, a more or less triangular body of water the full depths of which remain unplumbed.

Vlastach has nine suns, one of which, the annual sun, passes over the veigur only infrequently, and defines the Vlastei year. The other eight suns are called the daily suns, and are responsible for the local cycles of light and dark—that is, the days. The daily suns are horizontally stationary, though they do move up and down, settling each night into hollow mountains called solar peaks from which they emerge the following morning. The daily suns provide the definition of the traditional geographical divisions of Vlastach, the territory lit primarily by each sun comprising a separate solar domain.

Another notable feature of Vlastach is the Head of Vlastach, an enormous humanoid head made of earth and rock and greenery, that rises in the domain of Metcitum not far from the northern shore of the Mirror Sea. The Head is the literal living head of Vlastach itself, and is considered something of a holy site by those that respect it.

The Scar

Yet another significant feature of Vlastach is a long puckered blight across the northeastern part of the land called Telithoc's Scar, or more briefly as simply the Scar. The Scar is a vestige of an attempt by a powerful wizard named Telithoc more than three thousand years ago to sacrifice the world of Vlastach to create a powerful talisman called an abar. Telithoc's scheme was thwarted, but not before he had already drawn off and destroyed all life and energy from a significant portion of the world. Even today, the Scar remains bleak and barren compared to the surrounding lands, though some life has colonized it.


Main article: Magic on Vlastach

While the same kinds of elemental magic in common use elsewhere in the cosmos of Dverelei are also practiced in Vlastach, it is not the only form of magic used there, or even the most common. Vlastach lends its power to mortal servants and allies, granting them a unique form of magic known as landworking. In addition to the landworkers and dedicants who draw on Vlastach's power with the land's permission, however, there are also those who draw on it against Vlastach's will, practicing another form of magic known as landreaving, or siphonism. Furthermore, some people have learned to tap into the energies collected by Telithoc's aborted rituals, using the power contained in the Scar to work yet another system known as scar magic.


Main article: Creatures of Vlastach

In addition to the creatures found throughout Lothenmydhe, Vlastach is home to a number of unique species found only there. While not as common as humans, the winged casami are widespread enough to be significant in any discussion of Vlastei culture, and the waters of the Mirror Sea are dominated by the vegetable mepqueps. Like most worlds of Lothenmydhe, Vlastach also contains several varieties of tzanta, including the sciurine riatai, the beaver-linked falsanes, and the wormlike theelians. Among unintelligent creatures of Vlastach, some of the most notable include the czerrek, a large carnivorous fish; the bizarre tentacled thucifane that roams the badlands on its doubly bent legs; and the six-limbed mountain-dwelling gulanga—though there's some question as to whether this last might actually be ellogous. Many varieties of giant mushroom also exist in Vlastach.

The powers of the land, too, have led to the existence of new types of creatures—not just magical constructs such as the mudling and the vokeliam, but others such as the kalues and tohidis, seemingly part wolf and part human, descended from some of Vlastach's servants.

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