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The Central Wongery is a repository of information about imaginary worlds created by a collection of contributors referred to as the Grandmaster Wongers. All text on the Wongery is made available under several different licenses, and can be freely copied or used for derivative works, as long as proper credit is given and the copies or derivative works are distributed under a similar license. Other licenses can be granted for companies and individuals who want to use the contents of the Wongery without adhering to those terms. See Wongery:Copyrights for more information.

The main article space of the Central Wongery is not open for public posting. If you create an account, you can post on talk pages and user pages, but only the Grandmaster Wongers will be able to post or create pages in the mainspace (or the project space). That being said, if you really want to contribute to the Wongery, there are ways of doing so, the most straightforward of which is to post on the Public Wongery.

Although this should go without saying, all the worlds, characters, and magic systems described in the Wongery are fictional (except of course for the Earth). Some of the worlds may be presented as alternate versions of Earth, and their descriptions may contain references to real-world places and organizations, but other worlds are wholly invented, and even the alternate Earths of course contain a lot of fictional material. You can try casting the spells described in the Wongery if you want, but nothing is going to happen except that you will look silly.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the staff.

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